Quality roasting depends on the characteristics of the grain, its origin, its botanical variety, its humidity rate, its density and its content of organic material.

We take all these elements into account to establish a subtle roasting curve adapted to the grain, and, within our workshop, we have developed a particular method of analysis to magnify the roasting, a method based on three criteria: colour, density and humidity.
CDH® – Couleur Densité Humidité (Colour Density Humidity) is a collective trademark shared among the members of Compagnie des Torréfacteurs.


In a unique place in the field, combining tradition and technology with the consultation of a team of experts who wish to share their knowledge with you, Compagnie des Torréfacteurs invites you to devise your recipes in combined or separate roasting.
Separate roasting is an artisanal procedure used in our workshops at your request. Each source of coffee is individually roasted, kept and then put together after roasting to enhance each source of your blends…


Our roasting workshop is equipped with a Brambati BR1200 roaster and its software, enabling the management of the entire process by computer and also making it possible meticulously to draw the roasting curve points.
This process guarantees complete control over the repetition of the production quality, while conserving the possibility of adding personal touches to the roasting curves.
Thanks to this software, all the computer data, from the start of the process to the end, are monitored and logged.
Furthermore, green coffee and roasted coffee weight checks are performed at the start and end of the roasting process.

In keeping with our respect for the environment, our roaster is equipped with a smoke burner allowing the re-use of heat, and a system enabling the recovery of the outer layer of the coffee grains, to be transformed into clean energy.

Our Brambati KA 5 kg roaster is an identical copy of the BR1200 model,
placed at the disposal of the members of the Compagnie des Torréfacteurs to create new blends, conduct full-scale tests, consider the purchase of new qualities of coffees, without being obliged to use expensive volumes to create 120 kg samples.

Our grinding workshop is equipped with a mill, known as a cold mill, with interior cooling of the grinding stones using iced water. The grinding process will be carried out at a constant temperature of 30°C, thus preserving all the aromas.

The differentiated speed of the three mills, the set of grinding stones and the different grooves of each cylinder enable us to obtain perfect homogeneity in the grinding process, for a coffee of genuine quality.

What is more, the « spherical » grinding process which we use, enabling a better passage of the water and therefore a more fluid extraction, offers a more subtle and fine coffee, delicately developing its aromas.