The members of Compagnie des Torréfacteurs

Compagnie des Torréfacteurs is a fantastic collaborative working tool, offering its members, a large number of passionate and demanding professionals, an efficient, open and shared Roasting Workshop.
Who, effectively, has not dreamed one day of being able to mark their coffee with their own brand, assembly and roasting colour?

The labels used by the members of Compagnie des Torréfacteurs :

Our family company, guided by the respect for tradition and focused on innovation, belongs to the Alsace Chamber of Trades and, as a member of Compagnie des Torréfacteurs, you have the possibility of using the « Artisan Roaster » terminology.

The localisation of the product enables a « Made in France » stamping of the products. We also hold the Bio and Max Havelaar certifications.

So Bean


Terres de Café










Member’s testimony

Terres de Café, Christophe Servel :

I only needed a few weeks to make up my mind… But I immediately saw the advantages of a partnership between Terres de café and Compagnie des Torréfacteurs. With full freedom I roast my own blends of coffee in an artisanal fashion for the general public and professionals without any production limits.

Bagelstein, Thierry Weil :

Seeking our blends of coffee, our plantations, our planters… roasting according to our coffees and our flavours, becoming artisan roasters, making the bagelsteinblend… all of that would not have been possible without Compagnie des Torréfacteurs.

Sebastien Lerat, France’s Best Roaster 2013 :

Compagnie des Torréfacteurs is a place for exchange, for sharing in the service of quality… A collaborative roasting tool with a process making it possible to manage my roasting curves to the exact second and affording a repetition quality control of my coffees …
At Compagnie des Torréfacteurs we are at home.

Cap Mundo

From separated roasting to the placement in capsules, including the to-the-millimetre precision of the grain size, everything is studied, measured, tasted, tested, analysed… Cap Mundo and Compagnie des Torréfacteurs is a partnership of experts for an unparalleled capsule quality.