The packs

From design to realisation with creativity, expertise, flexibility and confidentiality, we propose the personalisation of all your packaging or simply its creation with our marketing service.

Ground coffee or beans packaged in 80g-125g-250g-500g-1kg-5kg-15kg packs, in Pods, Carboys or Capsules, customisable and made to measure thanks to digital printers integrated in the packaging machines.

After roasting, coffee must be sheltered from oxygen and humidity, which is why coffees leaving our roasting and grinding workshop are packaged with triple-layer easy-open pockets under a controlled nitrogen atmosphere, a process developed and designed within our workshops, allowing total flexibility and the production of large or very small series while prioritising the freshness of the coffee.

Aware that coffee degasses after roasting, leading to the inflation of the pack and therefore the possible deterioration of the seals, we propose packages equipped with a one-way valve, allowing this gas to escape without air entering. And thanks to the filter system integrated in the valve, the coffee particles and oils do not escape the pack.

The Carboys

For your limited series, we propose having your precious coffee in a hand-crimped carboy, sealed in maintained atmosphere to keep the freshness and quality of the aromas for over 12 months.
We’re sure you won’t be disappointed. 

The Pods and their boxes

The ESE coffee pod, which can be used with certified ESE expresso machines, is made of 100% biodegradable filter paper, which does not allow the even the finest of ground particles pass through.

Each pod is packed in an individual customisable pocket that preserves the freshness and the quality of the aromas.

Your pods are packed in 50 units in customisable boxes.

The Capsules

The capsules, made from synthetic materials and fibres that we have chosen, comply with European regulation no. 10/2011, of January 2011, and no. 1935/2004 for materials in contact with food products. After long investigations, Compagnie des Torréfacteurs has implemented a procedure for roasting and grinding specific to the method of extraction of the capsule for optimum development of the aromas of your coffees and a cream worthy of a barista expresso.

In order to preserve the freshness and quality of the aromas of your coffees, we have chosen an innovative and airtight capsules model capsul’inside Capsul’in®Barrier. These capsules will give you perfect results when pouring and in the spirit of sustainable development, they avoid individual over-packaging in aluminium pockets.

To offer you a comprehensive range, we propose + than 15 colours including a Bio sugar-cane capsule.

Your capsules will be packaged in bags from 20 units up or in customisable boxes of 10 units.

Quality and traceability of the products

In order constantly to improve quality and traceability, we keep a sample of all the products manufactured in our workshop. We also have recourse to an independent laboratory if we feel the need for a specific analysis.

The identification and monitoring of the coffees is computerised, with the assignment of an ICO (International Coffee Organisation) number, throughout the production process. No error is possible, and the recall procedures are broadly facilitated in the event of a product-quality issue.

Within our roasting workshop, we use the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) method during the production process, which consists of identifying, evaluating and controlling the significant dangers regarding food safety in the case of coffee.


We box all your packages by hand for final verification prior to dispatch.
We offer neutral boxes of 6 or 12kg with the possibility of customising your tape.