The philosophy of Compagnie des Torréfacteurs is focused on the quality of your products. Every day we are on a quest for perfection, at every moment, at each stage of the roasting process, but also from the selection of green coffees to cold milling to preserve the aromas and create exceptional coffees.

Compagnie des Torréfacteurs places a fantastic collaborative work tool at your disposal. Our production site becomes your production site; our know-how must be transmitted; our philosophy is based on sharing… sharing our knowledge and our expertise.

A team of experts

In a unique place in the field, with the consultation of a team of experts who wish to share their knowledge with you, Compagnie des Torréfacteurs invites you to devise your recipes.

The roasting workshop combines tradition and cutting-edge technology. This makes it possible to design your combinations and make your adjustments to the finest details while benefiting from real production conditions, guaranteeing a flavour that is always identical.

This is notably made possible thanks to combined or separated roasting on Brambati BR1200 (with the possibility of creating samples of your recipes thanks to the identical replication of the Brambati in 5kg)  and the use of mills equipped with cylinder cooling using iced water to avoid the loss of the aromas.

Compagnie des Torréfacteurs is a laboratory open to numerous passionate professionals in search of new horizons. Who hasn’t dreamed one day of being able to mark their coffee with their own brand, unique assembly and roasting colour?

You are a roaster, director of a small or large catering chain, of an automatic distribution network, independent or affiliated drinks distributor, restaurant manager, brand manager… and you want to create a real difference with respect to the competition. As with us, the pursuit of excellence and distinction guides your steps.

Thomas Riegert

At Compagnie des Torréfacteurs you are at home

Our accompaniment does not stop at the realisation of your dreams. Our production site has been designed to become your second office. We also place numerous facilities at your disposal to enable you, for example, to welcome your customers or partners, to manage your press relations, etc.